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Acme Black Dog Whistle

Acme Black Dog Whistle
Acme Black Dog Whistle

Acme have created a complete range of dog training whistles which have different pitches and tones. This allows you to find a sound frequency that works best for you and your dog.

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   (210) - High pitch, quiet to users, fitted with a weatherproof pea to provide the famous Acme trill of rolling notes or a variable frequency. A great whistle for close work and a different style of sound for a different command.

   (210.5) - High pitch, quiet to the user, preferred by Spaniel owners but an excellent all-round dog whistle for close and distance control. Single frequency. This whistle is recommended for both use in Town and the Countryside .

   (211.5) - Medium high pitch, single note, preferred by Labrador and Retriever trainers; good distance whistle.

   (212) - Medium Pitch, a great all-rounder with a sound that is well within human hearing. This special whistle holds its frequency no matter how loud you blow. Your dog will always know it’s their whistle. Known as the Pro-Trialler, less confusing for your dog especially over distance or if you blow hard when your dog becomes disobedient or goes off course during a Trial. This whistle is especially good over distance and works very well with Pointers, Setters, Retrievers, Labradors, and most Terriers. An excellent whistle for harder to train dogs and heavy cover situations.

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Material Plastic

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