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Browning -725 Black Edition

Browning -725 Black Edition
Browning -725 Black Edition
Browning -725 Black Edition
Browning -725 Black Edition
Browning -725 Black Edition
Browning -725 Black Edition
Browning -725 Black Edition
Browning -725 Black Edition
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Browning -725 Black Edition

Tidy second hand gun here. The 725 handles as a very competent sporting gun and the Black Edition benefits from the upgraded American Walnut and black action.

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  • Catalogue No: 4154
Product Details
Condition USED
Calibre 12 Gauge
Mechanism Over and Under
Style Sporter
Barrel Length 30
Chokes M/C
Stock Length 14 3/4
Cast Right Handed
Chamber 2 ¾
Steel Proof Yes
Weight 7 lbs 13 ozs
Cased/Box Yes

When you buy a gun from Ladds we want you to be happy and confident in your purchase.

If you visit the shop we will spend the time with you checking your requirements and gun fit. You can also test fire any shotgun to get a real feel for the gun and its handling. We will be happy to help you get to grips with the basics if you are a beginner too.

Every used gun from Ladds comes with a minimum 3 month mechanical warranty which includes firing pins and collection if necessary.

Finally, if you buy a used gun from us, and you aren’t getting on you can change it for any other gun within a month and not lose a penny. After that we will always take back your gun in part exchange and offer you a fair price.

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We have both the facilities and time to spend with you in order to test fire the guns you are interested in. Whether you are a beginner or experienced shot test firing a gun will give you a real feel for a guns handling, recoil and point of aim. All our team are experienced shots and will assist on stance, gun fit and offer advice for beginners.

Furthermore if you would like some additional tuition, Nick Ladd, is a qualified APSI instructor and can be booked to help get you started. We will be happy to recommend local instructors where you can continue to progress on more advanced targets.

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