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Eley-12 Gauge VIP Bismuth (25 Pack)

Eley-12 Gauge VIP Bismuth (25 Pack)
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Eley-12 Gauge VIP Bismuth (25 Pack)

Eley Hawk’s VIP Bismuth cartridge is perfect for all wildfowling and wetland shooting, offering almost identical performance qualities to lead.

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This lead alternative works perfectly in all guns proofed to work with lead, and has been proven to be effective in the field since the early 1990s. The unique formulation of the bismuth alloy has many properties similar to lead in terms of density and hardness. The alloy mix also ensures there is a certain malleability, which in turn transfers energy into the target to deliver good knockdown power. Bismuth has no toxic properties and is very safe to handle.


VIP Bismuth cartridges are an ideal option for mixed-bag pheasant and duck days, all the while using your favourite old English gun. If you only occasionally go wildfowling, they represent a cost-effective solution to investing in a new steel-proofed gun.

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Product Details
Calibre 12 Gauge
Steel No
Single Pack QTY 25 Cartridges
Speed 1388 fps
Chamber 2½" / 67mm
Cartridge Length 2½" / 67mm

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