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Storage Fees:

  • £10 Booking In Fee (per gun)  to be paid upfront.
  • £130 Storage Fee (per gun) to be paid upfront - this covers one gun for one year. If you collect your gun before the year ends, then we refund the difference back to you. However, if your gun is still here after that year, then we start charging you £2.50 per week which is then paid upon collection.

Disposal Fees:

  • £35 per gun - We will print you off a piece of paper which you need to send off to the firearms licensing office, this will notify them that you are no longer in possession of this weapon.

RFD Transfer Fees:

Purchased a gun from a different gun shop but can not get up there to collect it? No problem! You can organise for the gun to be shipped to us for you to collect.

  • £30


    Something wrong with your gun? Need to get this fixed? Bring your gun down to us and we will get it sorted for you.

    We do try to do in-house repairs, however, we may need to send it to a more experienced gunsmith.