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Magic Bore Cleaning Rods

Magic Bore  Cleaning Rods
Magic Bore Cleaning Rods

The Magic Bore cleaning kit is a new and ideal cleaning item for shotgun barrels in one go.

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The revolutionary shotgun cleaning tools that makes cleaning shotguns easy. Gone are the days when cleaning your shotgun takes at least half an hour!!

These are the best barrel cleaning kits on the market guaranteed!


   Reduce Cleaning Time to just a few minutes

   You will never get dirty cleaning your barrels again

   Removes Plastic & Lead Fouling - The only cleaning kits that do

   Clever Design Features to protect your gun

   Cleans Semi-Auto Shotguns fully assembled

   Only Highest Quality Materials used

   Designed by a Shooter and Made in the UK

   Designed to last a lifetime with low Cost Consumable Parts makes Magic Bore kits the most cost effective cleaning kits on the market

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